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made in china EPS block moulding machine price Export

company : Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co.,Limited
address : 1.5km of Xinxiang road,Xufu Town,Longkou City,Shandong province, China



Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of EPS block moulding machine. After years of production experience and product testing, the company has a variety of EPS block moulding machine price, products are exported to dozens of countries on five continents, well received by customers at home and abroad.

The EPS block moulding machine is controlled by electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics. The whole action program is fully automated, each program can work according to the pre-set time and analog input signal, and automatically turn to the next program.

EPS block moulding machine operation procedure

At present, the frame height of the sheet metal machine used in the market is generally between 1.23 and 1.25 meters. The user can produce the sheet metal of the required size by filling the lining with different heights at the bottom of the frame according to the required height of the product. Austrian HIRSCH and China's Shanghai Zhongji Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently launched a kind of adjustable size automatic sheet forming machine. The height and length of the cavity can be adjusted by automatically adjusting the bottom plate and the end template of the cavity. The die opening mode of this equipment can ensure the production of sheet metal products to avoid the phenomenon of low yield due to the difference of product size and die cavity size, and can ensure the uniform density of sheet metal. After the equipment closes the mold, the moving lining is adjusted upward to avoid the poor adhesion of the board caused by the extremely insufficient content of foaming agent or excessive mixing of waste materials: excessive porosity. Mechanical external force can be used to influence the adhesion of EPS products.

The EPS block moulding machine consists of feeding system, heating system, cooling system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric automatic control system.

EPS block moulding machine feeding system

The EPS block moulding machine feeding and negative pressure feeding are adopted in the feeding process, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also makes the sheet density uniform and the appearance smooth. Since the feeding gun sucks the material into the mold using the Bernoulli principle, the intake pipe should be of a suitable caliber and the air flow should be accelerated as much as possible. Of course, the diameter of the tube should also be chosen according to the thickness and size of the product.

When the piston retreats to the rear of the tee, the air intake hole enters the compressed air, forming a negative pressure area in the first section of the material passage. In the process, the induced draft fan also pumps the negative pressure into the die cavity of the plate machine, so the EPS material enters the die cavity at a fast speed. Under normal conditions, the filling time of the sheet forming machine is only about 40 seconds, and the filling volume is about 4 cubic meters. Its filling speed is much higher than that of automatic blanking. It also has the characteristics of uniform filling gap, low labor intensity, high automation and civilized production. Because the feeding gun adopts special technological structure, it avoids the phenomena that the feeding gun can not be opened, closed and leaked.

Technical parameters of EPS block moulding machine

Processing Type: Foaming Machine

Condition: New

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Longkou Shunda

Voltage: 380V

Power(W): 20.5-24.5kW

Dimension(L*W*H): 6700*4600*3500mm

Weight: 6.00t

Certification: CE

Warranty: 1year, 1year

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

HS code: 84778000

Automatic: yes

Our Service:

1. Value clients, guarantee equipment quality and answer clients’ questions anytime and anywhere.

2. Customizing machines according to clients' inquiry , such as different design, different brand parts, different colors, more function,etc. 

3. Engineers go to clients' factory in time for installation , training and trial production . 

4. More spare parts are given to clients for free to ensure the factory working without suddenly stop.

5. 1 year free warranty, Lifetime technical service support. 

Packing & Delivery of EPS block moulding machine:

Packed in PE foam sheet,different package styles are available (such as PE foam sheet, pallet, and wooden case)

Company Information:

Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Longkou Shandong China with about 30 years of history. We are professional manufacturer of EPS machine, 3D mesh wire panel machine, Mgo board machine, Gypsum board and brick machine, calcium silicate panel machine etc.           Our enterprise management concept is based on innovation, excellent quality and skilled workmanship. So we are enjoying a good reputation through over 100 countries and areas and have got customers' trust deeply. Moreover, our sales volume of foaming machinery is No. 1 compared with other Chinese suppliers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from home and abroad and help you succeed with our profession.Our products are CE certified .Our machine equipment are marketed to overseas and gain the full recognition from mass customers.

Our EPS block moulding machine price will vary depending on the type of product selected by the customer. Please tell us the product specifications and related services you need. We will reply you with the detailed EPS block moulding machine price.

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1.5km of Xinxiang road,Xufu Town,Longkou City,Shandong province, China

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