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laying slate slabs Commercial Price

company : Laizhou Kingstone Co., Ltd
address : Xiaqiu town, Laizhou, Yantai city, Shandong Province, China



  Laying slate slabs square measure gray (black), residual argillaceous  structure, plate-like structure, the protolith is especially argillaceous , loose or neutral volcanic rock, so introduce the alteration, if there's a band, you'll additionally write the distribution of the band, and therefore the prevalence of the angle between the rock.


                              laying slate slabs

  Slate flooring will add totally different color designs to homes. {they square measure|they're} very hip whether or not they are regular bricks or special formed bricks. the colour of slate comes from the colour of the fabric itself. for instance, rust coloured slate contains tons of rust and dirt. Regular improvement of slate floor helps to eliminate potential scratches and dirt deposits.


  What you need: dirt mops, dustpans, brooms, buckets, warm water, detergents, wet mops, doormats, vacuum cleaners, nylon brushes.




Step one: 1st use the non oil-based dirt removal mop to get rid of dirt before scrubbing the ground. dirt removal ought to be unbroken within the same direction, and don't retire or forth.


Step two: clean the rubbish with dustpan and broom. place rubbish within the trash can.


Step three: prepare a bucket of fresh heat water. If necessary, add alittle quantity of detergent.


Step four: wet the mop mop and wring it.


Step five: mop the ground with wet mop.


Step six: don't walk on the wet floor to dry the ground.


Step seven: check whether or not there square measure any residual stains on the ground. Use clean water.

                              laying slate slabs



1. select quality dirt mops. once every use, you wish to induce outside to beat and dirt.

2. dust mop with dusting mops daily or weekly. this relies chiefly on the flow of individuals on the ground. If there's any gravel or dirt on the ground, it should be cleansed in time.


3. mop the bottom per the precise circumstances. The improvement cycle may be one week, or period of time or a month.


4. place a doormat outside the slate floor. place a cushion within the door to stop the sand from coming into the only. The pad ought to be sucked and sucked by the household appliance.


5. vacuum cleaners with soft brushes.


6. stains which will not be removed by mops may be brushed with nylon brushes or different non-metallic brushes. Clean water and detergent and rinse with water.


7. don't use dirt mops to mop the ground.


8.avoid victimization plastic back mats.

                              laying slate slabs

The characteristics of laying slate slabs

  The abrasion resistance of slate is that the ability to resist abrasion, that is associate degree index reflective the degree of grinding and sprucing of slate. the wear and tear resistance of slate will increase with the rise of rock hardness. The abrasion resistance of slate is delineated  by wear resistance (M), and M is up to a definite space.


 The quantitative relation of the lost weight (G) to the cross section (A) of the specimen once one hundred times of grinding below a definite pressure is M = G / A (g / CM2).

  Wear resistance is a vital index to live the standard of veneer. If the abrasion resistance is simply too low, the ore is loose and challenging to shine. If the abrasion resistance is simply too high, the ore is simply too arduous and tough to grind, and therefore the process price is raised.

                              laying slate slabs

  The strength of slate refers to the power of rocks to resist external forces. It includes compression, shear and durability of slate. The strength of slate chiefly depends on the genesis of rock, mineral composition, rock structure, weathering degree, water content, the event of micro-fractures and therefore the nature of fracture fillings, and different factors, however additionally associated with the take a look at conditions.

  Generally, the strength of rocks varies from rock to stone substance rocks. below a similar structural conditions, the rock strength will increase with the rise of the content of high hardness minerals. The strength varies with the scale of mineral particles.

  The strength of granular rock is 1-2 times beyond that of coarse grain. Rock with one mineral has higher compressive strength. the form of mineral particles additionally incorporates a nice influence on the strength of slate. several forms of minerals, like columnar, plate and granular, square measure organized on an irregular basis. The rock composed entirely of granular minerals is of high strength. The mechanical strength of slate additionally will increase with the rise of rock density. for instance, dense crystalline marble is 2-3 times beyond coarse crystalline marble. The strength of slate decreases with the rise of body and water content.

                              laying slate slabs


  The nature of water absorption of slate is named water absorption, and therefore the quantity of water content is expressed by water absorption (water content).

  The water absorption of slate depends on the hydrophilic  property of the mineral itself. If the slate contains sturdy minerals like vermiculite and montmorillonite, the standard of slate is greatly laid low with water absorption. Water absorption is additionally closely associated with the scale of body and pore characteristics of rocks. Generally, the larger the body, the bigger the water absorption. except for closed pores, as a result of the water cannot be connected, though the body is giant, the water absorption rate isn't essentially giant. once the water absorption of a similar rock kind is low, the weathering ability of the rock is strong; otherwise, the rock is weak.

                              laying slate slabs

Packaging and delivery


Packing: sturdy picket pallets


The time of delivery is 7-15 days once the deposit is received


Shipping Service


We can prepare transportations for you, otherwise you will select the one you prefer, Timely and delivery is our service tent.


Terms and Services

1,Price terms: FOB, CIF, CNF

2,Payment terms: By T/T half-hour deposit and therefore the balance paid before cargo.

3,Loading port: China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft instrumentation, sample order is negotiable.

5,Package: Fumigated leakproof picket crates or pallets.

6,Delivery : inside 15-20 days per instrumentation


                              laying slate slabs

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