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china slate brick slips Competitive Price

company : Laizhou Kingstone Co., Ltd
address : Xiaqiu town, Laizhou, Yantai city, Shandong Province, China



  The color of slate brick slips varies with the impurities it contains. Slate can be used as building materials and decorative materials. In ancient times, tiles were often used to make tiles. Minerals are generally not contained in the slate. Slate, as a natural stone, makes it an ideal bathroom floor material.

Description of slate brick slips:

Materials: granite slate and quartzite and sandstone

Color: rusty, plain, multicolored, beige, yellow, pink, black, green, gray, white.

Features: natural stone

Stone shape: cut size slate / quartzite and slate / quartzite tiles etc.

Surface treatment: natural cracks, polishing, sawing and so on.

Edge processing: loose, slant, sawing, natural, rough, tumbling, etc.

Application: indoor and outdoor wall covering and floor decoration.

Such as: home furnishings, gardens, villas, squares, offices, shops, bars, TV walls and other modern decorations for walls and floors.

Optional size: 30x30cm (12 "X12") 40x40cm (16 "x16") 60x30cm (24 "X12") 60x40cm (24 "x16") 60x60cm (24 "x24").

Thickness: 12mm, 20mm, 30mm 8-18etc.

15x60x0.8-1.8cm 10x40x1-2cm 18x40x1-2cm 20x60x1-2cm 15x40x1-2cm 10x36x0.8-1.2cm 20x55x1-2cm

Other sizes as per customers'requirement.


The advantages of slate brick slips:

Excellent Appearance and Easy Installation

No radioactivity, Eco-Friendly

Low Absorption Rate

Long Life Expectancy

Available for both high temperature and low temperature outside.

Application of slate brick slips:

  It can be applied to high grade buildings such as bars, villas and restaurants.

Scenery logo: garden fence, column, path, small bridge, public signs, etc.

Interior decoration: background wall, stove, TV wall, corridor, kitchen and so on.

  Slate brick slips itself does not have any cultural meaning. Its most attractive feature is that the color pattern can keep the natural stone style, and the color and lustre changes, and can show the connotation and artistic quality of the stone texture. With the cultural idea of people advocating nature and returning to nature, people call it "cultural stone". With this stone decorated wall, paved floors, wall scenes, and so on, it really reveals a kind of cultural charm and natural flavor.

  There are two types of Slate brick slips distributed in the market: one is sedimentary sandstone, the other is hard slate. Cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, but not as bright as granite, but to create a small mountain landscape, or to lay a local place, cultural stone is very suitable. Moreover, cultural stones are cheap, various specifications, easy to insert and operate, can reflect the personality of the decorator, so it is increasingly popular.

  The use of slate brick slips, do not overuse, so often counterproductive, small area of the room, when loading the wall, can choose some small specifications, light color, plane is good, so not only to widen the room from the vision, but also to create a natural atmosphere. Of course, in the use of cultural stone, should also be clever layout and matching.

Why do you choose us?  

Our stone board has CE, SGS and other certificates.

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Company information:

  Laizhou Kingstone Co.,Ltd, located in North China’s biggest stone basement Laizhou, set up in the year 2007, as a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of natural stone products in China, has one quarry and three processing factories. Equipped with advanced processing facilities, professional workers and experienced quality inspectors, we have implemented comprehensive management and quality control systems to meet both industrial standards and clients' expectations.  


  Warmly welcomes your enquiry. We sincerely hope to develop a long-lasting and pleasant business relationship with you. thanks.

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