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JINHAI pharmaceutical is a professional manufacturer of Bird oral solution medicine.If you are interested in Bird oral solution medicine,please send us inquiry.

PROCUCT NAME: poultry herbal oral solution

Name:  AV- JINGAN herbal oral solution  (Bird oral solution medicine)

Ingredients:  Flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae, fructus forsythia and etc.

Characters: Brown clear liquid with sweet and bitter taste.

Applicable animals: Poultry ( broiler, layer, breeder)


Package: bottle, 250ml/bottle 500ml/bottle 1000ml/bottle ( or customized )

Usage and Dosage

——Prevention 1ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4 days.

——Treatment 1.5ml per liter of water, drinks within 4 hours, for 4-5 days.

Shelf life: 24 months

ADRs: According to the prescribed dose, no adverse drug reactions after intake.

Contraindication:  Not sure yet.

Notes: No regulations


Both remedy and prevention to respiratory disease, poultry influenza

Detoxification . Anti-inflammatory , anti-viral , anti-infective, enhance the body's immunity. Controlling for the secondary infection.

Dispelling wind, clearing heat and removing toxicity. For the treatment of the influenza due to wind-heat, with the symptoms like fever, cough, with no obvious inflammatory exudate in the trachea or bronchus, and the lungs are normal and not cyanosis. Enhance the immunity of the body. Antiviral, such as AIV, NDV, etc.

Key Feature: most effective against VIRUS.

Products Features: 

1. High concentration of pure liquid of pure Chinese herbs.

2. Pure antibiotics-free, Drug safety and no residue;

3. Pharmacodynamics efficacy strong and stable, maintain a long time

4. Money saving ( breeding cost saving)  


1. Dispelling wind, clearing heat and removing toxicity. For the treatment of the influenza due to wind-heat, with the symptoms like fever, cough.

2. High-quality treatment of Influenza Veterinary Drugs pharmacological action. Clear heat detoxification, cool blood detoxification.

3. This Bird oral solution medicine has a strong anti-virus and antibacterial effect, and can relieve the heat and calm, strengthen immunity, repair damaged immune organs, and effectively reduce the death rate of poultry virus infection.

4. This Bird oral solution medicine can be used for prevention and treatment of some kinds of conditions caused by viral disease (Avian influenza, Infectious bursal disease,infectious bronchitis,infectious laryngotracheitis etc), such as fervescence elevated body temperature, depression, poor appetite, dyspnea, snore, bird cough, eye swelling tears, swelling of the head and face, crown beard purple and swelling, egg laying rate decrease, white shell eggs, sand shell eggs.

5. A variety of respiratory diseases

6. Unidentified egg laying rate decrease

Shuang-Huang-Lian oral liquid (SHL) is a well-known Chinese patent drug containing three herbal medicines: Radix Scutellariae, Flos Lonicerae Japonicae and Fructus Forsythiae. It is usually used to treat acute upper respiratory tract infection caused by virus or bacteria.

History of JINGANQING( shuanghuanglian ) oral solution:

Shuanghuanglian is a modern formula that was devised in the 1960s to treat a variety of infections. It is comprised of the alcohol-water extracts of three herbs: lonicera (shuanghua, often called jinyinhua), scute (huangqin), and forsythia (lianqiao). The joining of forsythia and lonicera in a formulation represents a long tradition of Chinese herb prescribing for treatment of infections. The addition of scute in this small formula represents one of the newer developments of Chinese medicine, especially based on research involving its main active constituent, the flavonoid baicalin. Typically, in the ancient style formulas, lonicera and forsythia would be combined with various wind dispelling, surface relieving herbs, as is done in the well-known Yin Qiao San; in this case, they are combined with the heat clearing herb scute.

One of the early preparations of the Shuanghuanglian was a tablet made of equal proportions of the extracts of each herb. This was used to treat leptospirosis, a disorder caused by a spirochete bacteria, related to the organism that causes Lyme disease. Leptospirosis causes initial symptoms of fever and chills, headache, and muscle ache (especially in the shoulders); these are consistent with "flu-like" symptoms described for the onset of many acute infections. In a 1971 report, the formula was described as being made in 500 mg tablets derived from 3.7 grams of the crude herbs, and being administered in doses of 10-15 tablets (thus, equivalent to the extract of 37-55 grams of herbs) every 6 hours (1), a very high dosage.


Jinhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly focus on research,development,promotion and sale of animal health care products and feed additives.

The company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, applies for 21 trademarks, 6 invention patents, and 13 new utility models. At the same time, the national new veterinary drugs (3) and patent declaration work are being carried out.

Our products are well used in Poultry, Farm livestock, Aquaculture, Fur-skin animals.

1.  Poultry: chicken ( broiler, layer, breeder), duck, goose

2.  Farm livestock: pig, dairy cow, cattle

3.  Aquaculture: shrimp, fish, and other species

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